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DNA Apps Collaborates with GIPHY (World’s Largest Library of Animated GIFs) - Oct. 1, 2016
DNA Apps Launches Gifx: The Best GIF Editor to Make Art - Sept. 26, 2016
Photo Candy Pro App Debuts on iOS - Putting Creativity Back In The Hands of Users - March 29, 2014

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Photo Candy
TOP 25 BEST PHOTO CANDY EDITS OF 2014 - Oct, 14, 2014

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Photo Candy
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Jimin Lee
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About DNA Apps

We are DNA Apps  We specialize in publishing creative mobile applications and operate five different apps including visual editors Photo Candy (2013), Gifx (2015) and Intermix (2017). These three apps allow you to explore visual creativity at your fingertips via manipulations of layers, stickers, filters, adjustments and more. Varying by app, each has unique features and tools like the capability of incorporating sounds and music, collaging gifs to images and videos, superimposing layers and blends, and more, opening up an entirely new world of creativity to design digital masterpieces.

Additional apps from the The DNA Apps include Don’t Touch the Ad (2016) and White Tile Stackers (2014), both designed to entertain those looking to have some fun through a couple of fast-moving games.

The DNA Apps’ mobile applications are available on iTunes for iOS and will soon be available on Google Play for Android OS. For more information please go to: 

To bring the inner artist out of all of us and encourage creativity & innovation, the creators of DNA Apps (Derren Ohanian, Ana Ohanian and Devin Ohanian) designed one-of-a-kind creative apps to inspire all artists - inexperienced and experienced - to explore and divulge in creativity. DNA Apps encourages all to express themselves in nascent, fun ways to produce masterpieces via mobile platforms.

To allow people to tap into their inner artist and express themselves in creative ways utilizing the latest in mobile technology. The creators of DNA Apps (Derren Ohanian, Ana Ohanian, and Devin Ohanian) design unique photo & video apps to inspire all people - inexperienced and experienced - to explore their creativity in a simple & fun way to produce digital art.

We aim not only to provide people with great services, but also to leave a positive impact in the communities that we affect. We accomplish this by promoting a lifestyle that includes living sustainably, creativity, innovation, keeping mind, body, and soul aligned, and empowering others to reach for their full potential. Our aim is to light the creative spark in individuals to think outside of the box and make a positive change in the world.

Over the years we have been fortunate to work with great organizations that are helping the youth in our community such as Santa Barbara Partners for EducationBoys & Girls ClubEverybody Dance Now, and Youth Interactive. We have a passion for educating and inspiring the youth to reach for the stars, so we are always open to opportunities to share our knowledge with the next generation.

Intermix (2017)
Gifx (2015)
Photo Candy (2013)
White Tile Stackers (2014)
Don’t Touch the Ad (2016) 

Founders of DNA Apps

I was born in the heart of San Francisco with multiculturalism shaping much of my upbringing and outlook on life. Growing up, my inspirational and artist father taught me to do the opposite of whatever the crowd was doing -- really encouraging me to be authentic and unique. While I believe education is important, I never sought out college as institutionalism and generic curriculums bored me. This opened doors for me to independently explore different areas of artistic studies, get into entrepreneurship at the tender age of 20, and learn through mentors, life experiences, travels, and books.

Soon after, I begin a journey with the love of my life, Ana, and we built our lovechild DNA Imagery, a creative services agency. Through our blood, sweat, and tears, we created a thriving business that helps promote creativity and the arts to the masses. After a few hard years, we found ourselves in a position with the knowledge and capability to lift causes that we feel passionate about. Our shared vision for DNA is to create a suite of digital products that will educate and inspire the next generation of innovation through creativity and out of the box thinking.

When we aren’t working on transforming ourselves or the world around us for the better, I am dancing, performing spoken word, practicing flow arts, connecting with others or learning more about myself and the world of permaculture.

I was raised in a mixed racial household in the diverse city of San Francisco, CA, along with my brother, Derren. Being exposed to all types of people, cultures, religions, foods, experiences, and arts, I am eclectic seeing the world through a creative lens.

Spending most of my twenties in sunny Santa Barbara, CA, I value a work-hard, play-hard lifestyle. My passion for arts led me to to become involved with DNA from its beginnings. From random works I take on from my brother, I eventually fell in love with DNA’s mission, which led me to become a partner in the business.

I now head marketing & social media for DNA Apps, DNA Life, and DNA Imagery, large and in charge of developing relationships with notable artists and curators all over the world.

Currently residing in New York City, I also co-host a Meet-Up called NYC Instagram Growth Hackers  In my spare time, I enjoy all forms of art, eating pizza, riding my bike, traveling, playing basketball, attending music festivals, playing video games, and making people laugh!

I’m Ana from beautiful Santa Barbara, CA and I use creativity as a means to express myself authentically. It began innocently when I was in middle school and playing with photography. Eventually after high school I took it to another level and began exploring the digital world and playing with Photoshop. During this flow of inspiration is when it lead me to my incredible partner, Derren, who ignited the fire of creating our dance of life together but also an amazing business, DNA Imagery (DNA being an acronym for Derren ’N’ Ana). 

Visual media in it’s many forms is the art I play with and part of the allure is the fact that I can connect with people through design, to help inspire creative thinking, new ideas, and innovation. We have been running the design agency for 10 years now and it’s evolved over time just like we have. Life and our business is a delectable array of experiences that brings me joy, just living each day as if it were my last and loving every moment. Just going to keep enjoying the journey. 

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